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For many years the longing for the landscape of my youth has been a source of inspiration for my work: The flat land by the North Sea on the edge of the continent.
Themes such as the Dutch Landscape, the ship, water, wind, clouds, motion represent this nostalgia.

In recent years my focus has been on a different theme. I have been interested in astronomy since high school, but only now I have time to study and attend lectures on physics and astronomy.

There was a certain logic to me to visualize this learning process in ceramics, the material I’ve been working with for over 40 years.

Portuguese Jesuits used images on ceramic tiles to illustrate their teaching centuries ago. I came across photos of azulejos with beautiful images of geometric figures in the catalog “Azulejos didacticos do Museu Nacional de Machado de Castro”.

My tiles also often have a didactic component. For myself, with the aim of learning about a physics subject. But also for others to show the beauty of logic and science.

The first years I was concerned with the three phases of matter on earth: gas, liquid and solid. Later I started to study the concept of entropy and the arrow of time.

Since 2020 I have been working on the series “Notes on Matter and Antimatter”. These are ceramic tiles that can be seen as the pages of a workbook.

Some topics:

  • Total solar eclipse. The total solar eclipse of 1919 provided definitive proof of Einstein’s general theory of relativity.
  • Bubble chamber photos showing the movements of subatomic particles. For example: Gamma radiation (energy) converted into an electron and a positron (matter and antimatter) according to Einstein’s equation E = mc2.
  • Exercises to learn how to analyze bubble chamber photos.
  • The Lorentz force that affects the trajectories of the particles in the bubble chamber.

A bubble chamber is a vessel in which the movements of subatomic particles can be visualized. From the 1950s to the 1970s, CERN (European Organization for nuclear Research in Meyrin, on the border of France and Switzerland) has been using the bubble chamber to investigate the behavior of subatomic particles. These particles are smaller than the nucleus of an atom. The traces left by the moving particles are made visible in the bubble chamber and can be photographed. The photos are processed into ceramic transfers that are melted into the glazed parts of the ceramics.



1977  graduated Art Academy Utrecht (HKU)

1983  graduated AKI ArtEZ University of the Arts Enschede



1991  “Crossborder” International Ceramics Symposium Silkeborg Denmark

1990  6th International Ceramics Symposium Römhild DDR



Work in collections in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, Denmark, United Kingdom, USA, Taiwan, Saudi-Arabia



2023   “New this week collection“ by Rebecca Wilson

2022   “New this week collection“ by Rebecca Wilson

2021   Saatchi Art Spring Catalog

2019   Garden Sculptures Collection

2018   “In celebration of Calder: New Sculpture” by Katherine Henning

2017   “New Sculptures for $ 5000 and Under Collection” by Katherine Henning

2014   “Artist of the day“ series by Jessica McQueen

2015   “New on the block, Contemporary Sculpture” by Becky Benshof

2015   “New this week collection“ By Rebecca Wilson


EXHIBITIONS (selection)

2022   Kunsthal Hof 88 Almelo (NL)

2019   Expo International d'Art Contemporain, Fanjeaux, France

2018   Expo International d'Art Contemporain, Fanjeaux, France

2018   Galerie van Strien Nieuw-Amsterdam

2017   Kölner Liste, Contemporary Art Fair, XPOST Cologne, Germany

2017   Art Breda, Contemporary Art Fair (NL)

2017   Glass Studio Carl van Hees, Amsterdam

2016   Nassau 42 Fine Arts Antwerpen, Belgium

2016   Museum De Casteelse Poort, Wageningen (NL)

2016   Salon des Arts Fanjeaux, France

2016   Huntenkunst DRU Fabriek Ulft, Contemporary Art Fair (NL)

2015   Symposium Gorinchem, opened by former queen of The Netherlands, princess Beatrix

2015   Museum Het Palthehuis Oldenzaal

2015   Galerie van Strien Nieuw-Amsterdam (NL)

2014   Zinc Exposities Bergen (NL)

2014   Galerie Lauswolt Olterterp (NL)

2013   Art Lease Contemporary Art Utrecht

2013   Galerie A-Quadraat Vorden

2013   Kunstmaand Ameland, Galerie Bo Lumen

2013   Museum Het Palthehuis Oldenzaal

2012   ZincExposities Bergen

2012   Huntenkunst DRU Fabriek Ulft, Contemporary Art Fair

2011   Open Art Fair Jaarbeurs Utrecht, Contemporary Art

2011   Galerie Lauswolt Olterterp

2011   Huntenkunst DRU Fabriek Ulft, Contemporary Art Fair

2011   Dehullu Beelden in Gees

2011   Galerie Windkracht 13 Den Helder

2010   ZincExposities Bergen

2010   Galerie Lauswolt Olterterp

2010   Open Art Fair Jaarbeurs Utrecht, Contemporary Art

2010   Biennale Nieuw Land Nieuwe Klei, Paviljoen De Verbeelding Zeewolde

2010   Huntenkunst DRU Fabriek Ulft, Contemporary Art Fair

2009   Galerie Montana Apeldoorn

2009   Open Art Fair Utrecht, Contemporary Art

2009   Galerie Nijehove Diepenheim

2009   Galerie De Rog Grave

2009   Galerie Bianca Landgraaf

2008   Open Art Fair Utrecht, Contemporary Art

2008   "Lavori in Corso", Kunsthal Almelo

2008   Galerie Nijehove Diepenheim

2007    Kunstschouw Westerschouwen

2007   Galerie De Rog Grave

2006   Dehullu Beelden in Gees

2006   Galerie Bianca Landgraaf Laren

2005   "Nothing is what it seems" Dutch Collection Amsterdam-London

2005   Galerie Montana Apeldoorn

2005   Galerie De Rog Grave

2004   Art Twente 6, Contemporary Art Fair

2004   Galerie De Verbeelding Baarle-Nassau

2004   Holland Art Fair The Hague, Contemporary Art

2003   Galerie Bianca Landgraaf Laren

2003   Holland Art Fair The Hague, Contemporary Art

2002   Galerie Nijehove Diepenheim

2002   Galerie Montana Apeldoorn

2002   Galerie De Rog Grave

2001   Galerie De Verbeelding Baarle-Nassau

2001   Zwolsche Algemeene Nieuwegein

2001   Galerie van Strien Nieuw-Amsterdam

2000   Kunstschouw Westerschouwen

2000   Galerie De Rog Grave

2000  Galerie Bianca Landgraaf Laren

1999   Galerie Inkt Delft

1999   Art Twente 1, Contemporary Art Fair

1998   Galerie Grafiker Haarlem

1998   Galerie Marijke Raaijmakers Grubbenvorst

1997   Kunstuitleen West-Friesland Hoorn

1996   Galerie Polder Borne

1996   St. Josephgalerie Leeuwarden

1996   International Art Fair Mechelen (Belgium)

1995   “Niederländische Gegenwartskeramik” Museum für Angewandte Kunst Gera, Germany

1994   Galerie Amphora Oosterbeek

1993   Museum Het Palthehuis Oldenzaal

1993   "The Four Elements" Ministry of Agriculture The Hague (1993)

1992   “Nederlandse Keramiek” Hof 88 Almelo

1992   “Crossborder” Kunstbygning Arhus, Denmark

1991   Galerie Marijke Raaijmakers Grubbenvorst

1991   The European Fine Art Fair (TEFAF) Maastricht

1991   De Kunstvereniging Diepenheim

1989   Galerie Delphi Zwolle

1988   Galerie Polder Borne

1988   Catharinakapel Harderwijk

1985   GSA Hilversum

1985   Galerie Marktzeventien Enschede

1984   Museum Het Palthehuis Oldenzaal

1984   Galerie 1881 Diepenheim

1984   Galerie Nieuw Perspectief Amsterdam

1983   Centraal Beheer Apeldoorn

1983   Technische Universiteit Enschede

1983   Arts Center “Kunstliefde” Utrecht



2015   Two ceramic chairs Loenen (Veluwe)

2009   Two ceramic chairs Enschede

2004   “Dicht op Hasselt” Sculpture Route

1998   Okura Hotel Amsterdam: Sculptures on 21 floors

1998   Medical Center Leeuwarden: Sculpture in the central hall

1998   Stratenplan Delden

1993   Sculptures in the schoolyard Schools Ittersumerbroek Zwolle

1991   Sculpture in the schoolyard Freinetschool Enschede

1989   “Bankenroute” Markelo

1986   Witteveen+Bos, Consulting Engineering Firm. Mural ceramics and sculpture

1985   Beeld-en-Route, Diepenheim

1985   Univé Insurances, 12 ceramic panels in the central hall of the main building

1985   Oversticht Zwolle. 6 sculptures that have been awarded as architecture prizes


PUBLICATIONS (selection)

1983   “Zwetsloot and Franken: The invisible becomes visible” by Peggie Breitbarth in the Twentsche Courant

1988   “Zwetsloot: Ceramic Furniture” by Henk Blokhuis in the Twentsche Courant

1992   “Margreet Zwetsloot” by Peggie Breitbarth in Keramiek NVK

2003   “Margreet Zwetsloot: Living and travelling“ in Art Gallery Update



1999   AVRO Kunstblik, art program. TV recording in studio and interview by Liesbeth Brandt Corstius



1977-1981   Teacher of art and art history at the International School Utrecht and the Carmelcollege Oldenzaal

1986-2000 Teacher of ceramics at Concordia Kunst en Cultuur Enschede

2011-now    Teacher of ceramics in my own studio